License Conversions

Pilots holding an ICAO pilot qualification (whether fixed wing or helicopter) can convert their existing license or certificate into an FAA certificate or an EASA license, or indeed to both of these if required.


FAA & EASA Regulations

The FAA and EASA regulations allow credit for flight hours gained under ICAO rules, and the amount of credit is dependent on a pilot’s overall flight time and the types of licenses or certificates already held.

Each pilot will have different circumstances that require different conversion requirements, for example someone converting a New Zealand PPL(A) to an FAA CPL(H) will need to take a very different conversion route to someone converting a South African CPL(H) to an FAA CPL(H) or an EASA CPL(H).


What We Offer

We offer the most cost effective routes and conversion courses to meet the individual’s specific requirements, allowing the pilot’s experience and existing licenses or certificates to be used to the full to meet the conversion requirements to either an FAA certificate, an EASA license or to both.

Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we will be pleased to prepare a detailed quotation outlining the best route to take to make the most use of your existing flight time, and to obtain the required license or certificate at the minimum cost.