FAA Instrument Rating

Code of Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR Part 61.65(c) details the areas of operation in which training must be received for the issue of an Instrument-Helicopter Rating, and 14 CFR Part 61.65(e) details the minimum training requirements for the issue of a rating.

A pilot who holds a private certificate and is seeking to gain a commercial certificate with instrument rating privileges will normally complete the instrument-helicopter rating whilst building hours towards the commercial certificate requirements.

The course is based on the minimum requirements, as those pilots who would benefit from additional training can complete this training within their hour building and do not need to budget for extra funds.


Course Outline & Fees

  • 40 hours of dual flight instruction | $14,000
  • 25 hours of ground instruction (one-to-one) | $1,500
  • FAA written knowledge test | $165
  • Practical test and checkride | $600

Course Total - $16,265

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