EASA Private Pilot

The requirements for eligibility for an EASA Private Pilot License (Helicopters) are defined in the EASA Aircrew Regulation 1178/2011, Part-FCL.210.H for the experience and training requirements, and in Part-FCL.215 for the theoretical knowledge requirements.

These flight times are the minimum allowed by the regulations, but many factors influence the progress of flight training, and it is only in very few instances that a student will meet the required standards of proficiency in the minimum times.

It is more usual for a student to require between 55-60 hours of training to be proficient in all areas of operation.

Course Outline & Fees

  • 35 hours of dual flight instruction | $12,250
  • 10 hours of supervised solo flight | $3,250
  • 35 hours of ground instruction (one-to-one) | $2,100
  • EASA written examinations | $540
  • EASA medical | $175
  • License Skill Test | $600

Course Total - $18,915

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