FAA Private Pilot – Additional Rating

Code of Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR Part 61.107(b)(3) details the areas of operation in which training must be received for the issue of a Private Pilot Certificate - Rotorcraft Category, Helicopter Class Rating, and 14 CFR Part 61.109(c) details the minimum training requirements for the issue of a certificate.

If you already hold a private pilot certificate in another category of aircraft, you can add the Rotorcraft Category, Helicopter Class rating to your existing pilot certificate. The benefits of doing an additional rating are that you are not required to take another FAA Knowledge Test, and the minimum hours required are reduced to 30 hours (20 hours dual instruction and 10 hours supervised solo flight).

Please note that these flight times are the minimum allowed by the regulations, and the course is based on the minimum requirement as some very experienced pilots will be able to meet the standards of proficiency in the minimum times.

However, some students may need more than the minimums dependent on their overall aviation experience in different categories of aircraft.


Course Outline & Fees

  • 20 hours of dual flight instruction | $7,000
  • 10 hours of supervised solo flight | $3,000
  • Practical test and checkride | $600

Course Total - $10,600

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